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A sustainable, performance driven, organic sunscreen that protects our skin and the environment.
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We are very excited to announce that today is launch day on! The Grommet receives tens of thousands of applicants each year but only selects 3% of them to be on their website. We are honored to be in that 3%! Check out this great video they...

It’s no secret that fertility rates have been dropping worldwide. Many attribute these falling rates to the chemical-loaded health, beauty and cleaning products we use everyday. Recent findings from researchers at the University of Copenhagen show that chemicals commonly used in sunscreens could be playing a...

We’ve got great news here at MANDA: we’ve received an official SPF 50 rating!  You may be wondering what an SPF rating really means and how the ratings compare to each other. You’re not alone. With thousands of sun care products on the market, all containing...

Holy smokes! What a massive first week it has been!! We have exceeded our $20k Kickstarter goal in just under a week! So much gratitude for our powerful community! THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us out, whether it was backing our campaign or sharing about...

MANDA Organic Sun Paste
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