6 Tips for Starting an All-Natural Skin Care Regime

6 Tips for Starting an All-Natural Skin Care Regime

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In the scope of today’s skin care landscape, going the all-natural route can be challenging and expensive. As informed consumers, we typically know what (and what not) to use on our skin, but committing to an all-natural skin care routine doesn’t happen overnight.

At MANDA, we believe a small step in the right direction can lead to positive change for our bodies. So why not start with your skincare regime? We’ve outlined 6 tips to help you take the all-natural route and ditch the chemicals for good.

Tip 1: Define Your Purpose

What are your reasons for going all natural? Before making any major health change, it’s always important to outline your goals. Are you trading in your old go-tos for products that are better for the environment, better for your body or are you simply looking for something that works better? Determining exactly why and what it is you want to change will help guide you in the right direction.

Tip 2: Prioritize 

Once you’ve decided what your purpose is, take an inventory of what you have in your current skincare supply. Gather up your “can’t live without” products and start by eliminating two products with harmful ingredients each week. In exchange, make a list of two new all-natural beauty products you might want to test to replace them.

Tip 3: Read Labels

When it comes to sun care products, we’ve outlined which common ingredients are good for our bodies and which to avoid. The same rule of thumb applies to the rest of your skin care products. Stick to ingredients that you can pronounce and are non-toxic. When it comes to ingredients listed on labels, less really is more! We recommend downloading the Environmental Worker’s Group’s free Healthy Living app, which allows you to scan or look up skin and beauty products to instantly see their safety ratings before purchasing.

Tip 4: Do Your Research

The production of modern skin care products often reflects modern agricultural practices. Don’t assume something to be natural just because it’s advertised as such. Look at ingredients and do your research to know what’s what.

Tip 5: Test, test, test!

We say this with simple intentions. Our skin is made up millions of tiny dermal passages, and keeping them in balance is crucial. Thankfully, our skin is a great indicator of what works. As you transition two new products into your skin regime, test both for a week without overdoing it. Starting with just two new products allows you to get to the source of what works and doesn’t without overwhelming your skin.

Tip 6: Balancing Act

Transitioning to the natural route doesn’t just happen overnight. It comes down to finding the right balance that is unique and right for you. By slowly transitioning natural products into your skin routine, you can eventually become the master of your own skin!

What are your favorite all-natural skin care products? Let us know in the comments!