Keep It Simple, Stupid

Keep It Simple, Stupid

keep it simple

It’s no secret that we’ve become a world obsessed with technology. It runs through all aspects of our lives, from the foods we eat to the way we communicate. And in the wake of this addiction, we’ve lost sight of how effective nature is in solving many of our problems, and more importantly, of how simple things CAN be.

When you begin to examine the landscape of skincare, it’s evident that technology has affected the products we use through the development of synthetic “solutions” that now dominate the marketplace. The ingredients packed in these chemical-based products expose an overwhelming amount of unrecognizable words, many of which are related to cancer. And what’s worse is we’re led to believe that these products are a safe and effective way to protect ourselves from the sun.

In the case of chemical sunscreens, most people don’t understand how the ingredients used to provide protection truly work. They actually fail to block UV rays altogether, and instead, cause your skin to act as a filter when processing them. This generates free radicals, which cause skin damage, irritation, aging and ultimately skin cancer.

So we made the conscious decision to take a step back and really examine how we can spend more time in the sun, and at the same time, foster its optimum wellness. In doing so, we looked to nature for the answer, where we quickly discovered that simplicity is second to none.

By utilizing ingredients that only come from the earth, we eliminated our dependency on technology to create anything synthetic. Instead, we’re looking to cultures around the world to see what they’re using to solve the same problems we find ourselves confronted with. Many of these cultures use only what they have at their fingertips. So whether it’s natural ingredients like thanaka or cacao, we’re joining them in taking the simple and responsible route, no matter what lies ahead.

If you know any amazing all-natural ingredients that we should look into for future personal care products, please write about them in the comments below!