Which is the MANDA sunscreen for you - MANDA Organic Sun Paste or Sun Creme?

Which is the MANDA sunscreen for you - MANDA Organic Sun Paste or Sun Creme?

Are you interested in our sunscreen products but are not quite sure which one is for you? Well, let's take a deep dive to uncover the similarities and differences between MANDA Organic Sun Paste and MANDA Organic Sun Creme!

MANDA Organic Sun Paste vs MANDA Organic Sun Creme


Both MANDA Organic Sun Paste and MANDA Organic Sun Creme offer SPF 50 protection with non-nano zinc oxide serving as the active ingredient. As mineral sunscreens, both MANDA Organic Sun Paste and MANDA Organic Sun Creme leave a visible tint on your skin that can be used as a visual indicator for where you are actually protected.

We do not use chemicals in our products and are proud that both the Sun Paste and Sun creme are reef-safe and kid safe! There are certain chemical-based active ingredients that have been banned by certain states (and countries) like Hawaii and Palau due to their adverse effects on corals reefs. We do not use any of these ingredients in our products.

Both products contain entirely unique formulas, unlike any other that you will find on the market. When developing them, we took great consideration into each ingredient we use. Since our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, we wanted to only use the highest quality, organic, food-safe ingredients possible. We say that if it is safe enough to eat, it is safe enough to put on our skin. They will not clog your pores or make you break out. In fact, many customers report our sunscreens are the only ones they have ever used that do not make them break out but instead help to clear up their acne.

And finally, our sun care products are the first of their kind to use the timeless curative called thanaka. This ground-up tree bark, native to South East Asia, has been used for centuries for sun protection as well as other benefits for the skin.


MANDA Organic Sun Paste, our flagship sunscreen product, was designed with performance in mind. It is a "paste" designed for thick application ensuring it lasts very long. We suggest this product for the face, ears, and neck plus the sensitive areas of the body including areas with thinner skin and scars. Typically, we suggest this product if you are doing something active where you don't want your sunscreen to rub off, run into your eyes, and don't want to have to reapply over and over again. Consider MANDA Organic Sun Paste for surfing, running, hiking, biking, or anything where you are moving your body.

MANDA Organic Sun Creme is our full body solution that is more of your everyday sunscreen. While it still performs exceptionally well, it can be spread all over the whole body with ease, thanks to its creamy lotion texture. Also unique to our Sun Creme is the packaging. We use a bio-plastic tube that is derived from sugar cane, which is fully recyclable via existing recycling streams.


Both MANDA Organic Sun Paste and Sun Creme are designed for not only the health of your body but also for the health of the planet. They pair very well together and ensure head to toe SPF 50 coverage. Whether you choose one or both, we are confident that you will love them as much as we do!