MANDA: Your Essential Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

MANDA: Your Essential Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

If you have sensitive skin, applying sunscreen can be a love-hate relationship. You depend on it to protect you from sunburn and wrinkling, but you’re left with rashes and breakouts. The culprit? Most likely a harsh chemical ingredient you’ve never heard of and probably can’t pronounce.

Many ingredients in big brands’ chemical sunscreens are prone to causing allergic reactions, clogging pores and producing acne. The good news is there are alternative products available devoted to using only natural and beneficial ingredients.

MANDA is an amazing sunscreen for anyone with sensitive or irritable skin because each of our natural and organic ingredients were hand selected with optimal skin health in mind.

Natural Ingredient 1: Thanaka

In Burmese culture, Thanaka has been used daily as a natural cosmetic for over 2,000 years. Most commonly, it’s applied topically to the skin in paste form, as Thanaka’s magic lies in its natural sun-protecting properties. It’s also loaded with antioxidants (reducing free radicals) and is a highly effective moisturizer.

Thanaka has also been shown to reduce the appearance of pores and impurities and control excess oil build-up, preventing outbreaks and blackheads. It also has the added benefit of leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed after use. With Thanaka, you can skip your next facial.

Natural Ingredient 2: Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer that absorbs quickly and restores dry skin by eliminating dead skin cells and strengthening deep skin tissue. Because it contains Vitamin E, a natural skin cell protector, coconut oil is known to soothe skin conditions like eczema, sunburn, and psoriasis.

Coconut oil’s natural protein-rich, antibacterial and antifungal properties have been shown to speed up wound healing, promoting blemish-free skin. Its saturated fats keep skin smooth (reducing the appearance of pores), help retain skin’s moisture and protect against cracking and premature aging.

Natural Ingredient 3: Organic Beeswax

Beeswax is hailed in the cosmetics industry for its ability to condition skin while providing a layer of protection against environmental irritants like water, wind, and sun and still allowing the skin to breathe (it won’t clog pores). It also offers anti-inflammatory (calms and soothes skin), antibacterial (cleans skin and heals wounds) and antiviral benefits. As a water attractant, it keeps skin plump and hydrated. If you suffer from dry skin itchiness, dermatitis or eczema, beeswax just may be your miracle ingredient. It helps heal these conditions while at the same time providing itch relief. Since it’s anti-allergenic, it’s also easily tolerated by those with sensitive skin.

Natural Ingredient 4: Organic Shea Butter

It’s no surprise that shea butter has been used for years around the world to help improve skin health. It’s stacked with natural vitamins (A, E and F) and fatty acids, making it one of the most nourishing and moisturizing ingredients available for your skin. Its nutritious makeup feeds your skin’s natural oils and collagen production, resulting in smooth, moisturized skin while preventing wrinkles and inflammation (reduces skin mutations and acne). A little-known fact: shea butter also offers a natural UV protection (estimated around SPF 6).

Natural Ingredients 5 & 6: Organic Cocoa Butter & Powder

Cocoa butter is packed with vitamins (particularly lots of Vitamin E), minerals, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. The density of antioxidants found in cocoa reduces free radicals, wrinkles, age marks and the appearance of scars. Cocoa butter’s high concentration of fatty acids allows it to penetrate deep into the skin and hydrate from within.

Cocoa also helps to increase blood flow and promote cellular healing. Its powerful makeup is an ideal choice for reducing skin inflammation. When applied to psoriasis, eczema or rashes, cocoa butter offers quick, soothing and aromatic relief. Research even suggests that flavonol-rich cocoa decreases the effects of UV-induced redness and roughness.

Natural Ingredient 7: Organic Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon has been used as an ancient remedy in Asian cultures for centuries. One of its most important benefits is its role in promoting healthy skin. First, cinnamon contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help improve your complexion. Second, its exfoliating properties remove dead skin cells, restoring natural shine while smoothing your skin. Third, cinnamon restores suppleness and elasticity to your skin thanks to its main chemical component, cinnamaldehyde, which increases collagen expression.

Any other natural sunscreens you love for sensitive skin? Let us know in the comments!