Pioneering the future of plant based packaging

Pioneering the future of plant based packaging

How green plastic is made from sugarcane

When we began developing our two newest products, MANDA Organic Sun Creme and Organic Paw Paw Salvewe knew packaging was going to be a major issue. With both products requiring an effective way to dispense their soft consistency, we first looked at aluminum tubes with plastic and aluminum refill packages. The footprint of the mining and smelting of aluminum combined with our unsatisfactory experience with the functionality of the aluminum tubes informed our need to search for something better. We were intrigued by a new technology that makes recyclable plastic-like containers entirely from sugar cane. Upon thorough testing, we agreed we'd found our solution.

We are proud to announce that our Organic Sun Creme and Organic Paw Paw Salve both come in a unique bio-plastic tube that is derived from sugarcane. This bio-based polyethylene is produced from ethanol sugarcane, a renewable raw material, as opposed to traditional polyethylene made from fossil fuels. The sugarcane is harvested and sent to the mill where it is converted into ethanol and sugar. The bagasse, or pulpy residue left after the extraction of the juice from the sugarcane, is used to fuel boilers and generate energy to replace the use of gas or other non-renewable energy sources. This energy fuels the plant itself providing self-sufficient energy, and when there is a surplus, it is sent to the local power grid and sold to supply nearby cities. The extracted ethanol is used to make the green plastic that now holds your MANDA Organic Sun Creme and Organic Paw Paw Salve.

This new type of polyethylene has the same structural look, feel, and performance of standard rigid and flexible PE tubes. Additionally, it is 100% recyclable using existing recycling streams.

As it stands, this is the best possible solution we could find to maintain the environmental standards and ethics that our company holds while offering our customers a highly functional packaging and dispensing solution. We are excited to be the first company in skin care to feature this packaging and we will continue to pursue more sustainable options as they emerge.