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MANDA is SPF 50 approved!

We’ve got great news here at MANDA: we’ve received an official SPF 50 rating!
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MANDA’s Top 5 Benefits of Coconut Oil

The “superfood” revolution is here, and coconut oil is at the forefront. As one of the healthiest oils on earth, its unique combination of fatty acids has profound positive effects on our bodies. We’ve formulated this miracle ingredient into MANDA Organic Sun Paste for a...
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MANDA: Your Essential Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

If you have sensitive skin, applying sunscreen can be a love-hate relationship. You depend on it to protect you from sunburn and wrinkling, but you’re left with rashes and breakouts. The culprit? Most likely a harsh chemical ingredient you’ve never heard of and probably can’t...
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Benefits of Thanaka

In MANDA Organic Sun Paste, all of the ingredients used are pure and simple. We call them superfoods for the skin. While you’re probably familiar with most of our organic ingredient goodness (coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, cacao powder, cocoa butter, cinnamon oil and zinc...
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Thanaka’s Historical Roots

For many travelers to Myanmar (formerly Burma), the most notable sight is not the exotic landscapes or temples but the yellowish paste found painted on the faces of Burmese women and children. Called thanaka, the paste is applied in circular patches, stripes or ornate leaf...
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Why Organic

The word “organic” seems to be a trending mantra these days, but staying on the health train isn’t always easy.  As the majority of today’s food and personal care products (such as sunscreen) is produced by large corporations, following a self-sustainable regime can be a...
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