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MANDA Coral Shaka Organic Cotton T-Shirt


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This limited edition, 100% GMO-Free Organic Cotton, chemical-free t-shirt is made in collaboration with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

MANDA will be donating the profits from each purchase of this t-shirt to support the protection of Hawaii’s coral reefs.

Each garment is made in the USA with a non-toxic, vegetable-based indigo dye and is hand-dipped using the traditional process which creates each shirt’s distinctive character and modern-vintage style. No two shirts are alike.

Artwork by Andrew Groves

This t-shirt...

  • is one-of-a-kind.
  • 100% Non-GMO, certified fair-trade Organic Cotton
  • is made by Groceries Apparel with Indigoferia Tinctoria (Organic Cotton) grown in Tamil Nadu, India. The garment was knit, cut and sewn in Vernon, USA and is hand-dipped in Downtown Los Angeles, USA.
  • uses 100% organic cotton grown without the use of genetic modifications (Monsanto-free/GMO-free) and glyphosates (pesticides/herbicides).
  • hand-dipped in 100% non-toxic, vegetable-based Indigo dye.
  • As part of the dying process, Groceries Apparel also uses biodegradable soap and vinegar. They never use bleach or heavy mordant (metals) to prepare the garments for dye.
  • supports family farms achieving a fair price in the market (Fair-Trade Organic Cotton) and living wages ($13/hr average cutting and sewing operator wages).
  • is dyed from vegetable-based materials because Groceries believe coloring should not come at the cost of contaminating our natural resources.  The World Bank estimates that 17-20% of industrial pollution comes from textile coloring and treatment.  This is Groceries contribution to help offset that.






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