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MANDA Organic Cotton Pocket T-Shirt



The most comfortable organic cotton, pocket t-shirt by GROCERIES. This is a classic California cut in a lightweight fabric, plus a traditional cut pocket.

Made of 100% GMO-Free Organic Cotton.

If you haven’t heard of Groceries Apparel, consider yourself now in the know. Our good friends in Los Angeles are setting the standard for apparel in the United States and are exactly the type of company we like to align ourselves with.

By redefining transparency and human responsibility, Groceries supports family farms, localized manufacturing, living wages and GMO- free, organic ingredients.

Growing cotton in USA produces higher quality of cotton due to the soil quality and ecosystems we have in the states. This also translates into closer relationships with the family farms and fair treatment and fair wages for them. These farms can be found in all parts of America including Texas, California and the Carolinas.

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