Meet the all-new MANDA Organic Sun Creme and Organic Paw Paw Salve

Meet the all-new MANDA Organic Sun Creme and Organic Paw Paw Salve

Thanks to the positive and honest feedback from our customers, we are now expanding our offering with two new products, MANDA Organic Sun Creme, and MANDA Organic Paw Paw Salve! With their introduction, we believe our trifecta of products is the most efficient sun care solution available.

MANDA Organic Sun Creme is the lotion sunscreen that many of our customers have been asking for. Following in the footsteps of our flagship Organic Sun Paste, this new creamy, easy to spread lotion provides full body SPF 50 protection and uses virtually all of the same food-grade and organic ingredients, including the timeless curative thanaka.

MANDA Organic Paw Paw Salve was inspired by many trips to Australia where the sun is some of the harshest on the planet. We call this unique formula “everyday food for your skin,” thanks to the nourishing properties of papaya. Each of the 11 certified organic ingredients was hand selected to work in harmony for optimal relief with endless uses from dry skin, chapped lips, cuts, scratches, rashes, burns, blisters, scars and more!

In addition, we’ve used a unique bioplastic packaging that is made from sugar cane. While it is not the “perfect” solution, bio-based Sugar Cane (Green) Polyethylene is made from a renewable source alternative to traditional polyethylene (PE) with the same structural look and feel of standard rigid and flexible PE tubes. Additionally, this packaging is 100% recyclable using existing recycling streams.

Learn about each of our products by clicking an image below.